Our Annual Rally is the pinnacle of the year for the movement with various competitions and a fantastic opportunity to see the county at its best. The pre-rally kicks off about a month in advance with members taking part in the NFYFC cookery,  Stock judging and Tug of War competitions whilst busily preparing back in their clubs for the competitions on the day with the theme set as “the Book Club”.

On Rally day the main ceremony will be the crowning of the Rally Queen and her four attendants and everyone waiting to see the dress and chosen colours!

2019/2020 rally will be held on the County Showground Haverfordwest on the 23rd May 2020. There will be a whole host of competitions showing off amazing skills and workmanship from flower arranging, craft, woodwork, tug of war, dressing up, singing, dancing, to It’s a Knockout, Generation Game and other fun competitions.

The Royal Welsh Show takes place on the 20th-23rd July 2020, Llanelwedd

Join us or keep an eye on the website for the latest results.

RALLY PACK RULES 2019/2020 including NFYFC Cookery and Floral Art

NFYFC Cookery Rules

NFYFC Floral Art

RALLY 2019 Results below:

Rally 2019 Trophies Dill and Mostyn Trophy

Rally 2019 Trophy Junior Shield

Rally 2019 Trophy Senior Shield

Rally 2019 Trophy Greens Motor

Rally 2019 NFYFC Floral Art Trophy

Rally 2019 NFU Shield – Overall

Rally 2019 Trophy Freda Uphill Trophy for Floral Art

Rally 2019 Drew Trophy for Pre-rally Competitions

Rally 2019 Catrin Vaughan Trophy

Rally RWS Floral Art Results

Rally RWS Cookery Results

Rally RWS Craft Results

Singing Solo

Singing Group


NFYFC Floral Under 16

NFYFC Floral Under 21

NFYFC Floral Under 26

Club Exhibit

Dressing Up

Generation Game 


Tug o’War Overall Results

An item to depict a Nursery Rhyme

Children’s Entertainment Display (Cattle Ring Competition)

A Twist of the Nursery Rhyme

Blindfolded Obstacle Course

Fashion Parade

Welsh Mountain Ponies Section A Stock-judging overall

Welsh Mountain Ponies Section A Under 16

Welsh Mountain Ponies Section A Under 18

Welsh Mountain Ponies Section A Under 21

Welsh Mountain Ponies Section A Under 26

Welsh Black Cattle Stock Judging Overall

Welsh Black Cattle Under 16

Welsh Black Cattle Under 18

Welsh Black Cattle Under 21

Welsh Black Cattle Under 26

Sheep Stock Judging Overall

Sheep Judging Under 16

Sheep Judging Under 18

Sheep Judging Under 21

Sheep Judging Under 26

Dairy Stock judging Overall

Dairy Stock Judging Under 16

Dairy Stock Judging Under 18

Dairy Stock Judging Under 21

Dairy Stock Judging Under 26

NFYFC Cookery