Public Speaking

This maybe the “marmite” competition for some members with some having the best experience and others left with a cold sweat at the thought of speaking publically. One thing is certain our members can all appreciate the worth in being able to voice an opinion and speak well publicly.

Rules – English Public Speaking

Entry Form English Public Speaking

Rheolau Siarad Cyhoeddus Cymraeg

Ffurflen Gais Siarad Cyhoeddus Cymraeg

Public Speaking Junior Speaking Overall Results

Public Speaking Junior Reading Overall Results

Public Speaking Intermediate Brains trust Overall Results

Public Speaking Senior MACE Debating Overall Results


Siarad Cyhoeddus – Adran Iau – Darllen

Siarad Cyhoeddus – Adran Iau

Siarad Cyhoeddus – Adran Ganol – Dadl

Siarad Cyhoeddus – Adran Hyn – Seiat Holi

Siarad Cyhoeddus Canlyniadau Cyffredinol