The Eisteddfod is one of the first competitions in our competitions calendar. Members come together to compete and show their talent for singing, reciting and playing instruments ensuring everyone enjoys every second. The evening session is light and humorous with sketches, humorous duets, miming and laughter, with a new addition of “Have you got talent” this year! We also hold written and art competitions for members who are not so keen on being on stage. Once again we have something to suit everyone. We are also able to boast a fully bilingual programme which ensures that there are no limitations for the members.

This year the Eisteddfod will commence at 10am, at Theatre Y Gromlech, on the 26th October 2019. Wales YFC Eisteddfod will take place on the 30th November at Neuadd William Aston Hall Wrexham LL11 2AW.


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